Why Sell Online


That is a good question: why should I sell my merchandise online? The world of everything retail is increasingly moving to the World Wide Web. Each year the number of online shoppers grows, and the percentage of growth continues to increase significantly. More and more consumers are going online for product reviews, research, and pricing comparisons. Not to mention the need of a majority to find unique items they are unable to locate locally. If your company and your merchandise are not online, you will miss out on this ever increasing market and the opportunity to optimize in your sales and business operations.

Many people wonder if selling online is the right thing for them. “How does this apply to my industry?” You would be surprised to find that practically any service and product can be applied to an e-commerce site and become more popular than you would think.

After Hours

        Let us not forget the after-hours crowd. A large percentage of consumers find it difficult to shop during the day, and let’s face it, brick-and-mortar can’t be open 24/7. Having your shop online will increase your revenue simply because it will enable consumers to make purchases at your store 24 hours a day seven days a week, and not just locally. You will gain a customer base from virtually all over the nation. Selling online will allow you to reach people from outside of your state likely increasing the population of your sales.

Fixed Prices

Something in the human subconscious has convinced us that published prices are fixed. It is an interesting paradigm shift that we accept the prices for what they are. Sure, you’ll get the occasional negotiator, but the majority will simply click to buy and take it for what it is.

Saves Them Time, Increases Your Profit

        If they can find it and buy it online, they’re likely to do it. It saves them time and in today’s busy society time is very precious to most. Not to mention the savings in gas which fluctuates so dramatically and quickly you just never know what it’s going to be the next day. They save time, they save money, and their items are brought right to their door. This is enough incentive to make anyone want to shop online. The potential for significant profit increase is spectacular. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this market.


          Now we see a pattern, our common denominator. It all boils down to convenience. The majority love convenience and will even pay for it. Shopping online is a huge convenience that more and more people are taking advantage of. So why not you, as a merchant, take advantage of this as well?