Orders Overview

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Orders Overview

Basic understanding of the Orders tab.

Click on Orders


Clicking on Orders from the menu on the left will take you to the liston orders that have been placed to your shop.

Search, manually add, and view and edit your orders.


Here you can search for a specific order if you know the name or email of the customer. You can also search by order status: pending, in process, canceled, shipped, etc. You can also manually place an order here as well. Click on an order ID number to view that order’s details and edit it.

Click the order ID to view the order details


Basic information at the top


When you click on an order, you will see this information at the top of the page. This information will be constant while your in the order details.

  1. Order Number
  2. Order Status
  3. Buyer’s Name
  4. Buyer’s Email
  5. Delta: funds that may need to be adjusted (this is rare and will be taken care of by the staff at ShopOnMain).

Tabs in the order


  1. Main: View and update order status, shipping name, and shipping address.
  2. Cart: View and update items in the cart.
  3. Txns (Transactions): view the transaction details such as payment method used, amount charged, date and time. You can also process refunds here.
  4. Shipments: view the shipment details such as how, when, and where the package was sent, tracking details, and package dimensions.
  5. Notes: view and add notes for the order and/or the customer.